Since 2003 the sisters Silvia and Laura Danesi work in the artistic field with different projects (Danesi Atelier, Danesi ArtDesign). Collaborations with different artists coming from the field of music and dance are born from the visual and performative work. Artistic research has always had as its conductor the requirement that the art forms were not only exposed or installed, but were able to live intimately on the skin. Over the years, projects of sculptural clothes have been born that have had as predominant materials metals, leather, ceramics and plaster, works that not only could be exhibited, but that had the possibility to come to life, endowed with soul. In a natural way this vision has also developed in the context of the research of contemporary jewelery that focuses on the concept of limited edition artdesign work, giving life to unique and original objects.


Silvia Danesi born in Turin on May 1, 1975. Graduated in art history and specialized in the production of accessories and multimedia publishing, she has been involved in art and design for several years, collaborating with artistic and cultural realities operating at national level and international as Asia Design Milan platform of the Asian creative scenes in Milan and Sarpi Bridge Oriental Design Week of the association
of which her are a member of the board of directors since 2018.
She collaborated with Annimaria Salinari in the realization of events like Homi Asia Design 2017 and Fia Lisboa 2016
He exhibits his personal projects of the design of art jewelery and multi-material works of art in national and international exhibitions, among the most recent Asia Design Pavilions, Homi Asia Design and Macao international Design Show.
He also deals with graphic design and has created, among other things, the graphic design of the Regards and Calendar II CDs included in the historic Bussotti Opera Ballet collection by Sylvano Bussotti and Johnny Lapio.
Since 2010 he has been teaching plastic arts, painting and art history within the 1st level master’s degree in artistry therapy under the convention of the Laba University of Brescia. (Turin, Brescia) coordinated by the cooperative Arcote Atelier with which it also collaborates in educational / artistic projects dedicated to young people and children.


Laura Danesi was born in Turin in 1978. She has a degree in Theory and Techniques of Audiovisual’s Languages obtained in February 2004 at the Univesity of Turin. However she has followed studies belonging to the theatrical’s sphere. Her graduation thesis, entitled “Visionariness between theatre and audiovisual technology”, has taken in consideration different form of expressions: theatre, theatrical’s anthropology, audiovisual and cinematographic’s language and videoart. In this cognitive and formative way, she has wanted to demonstrate how all these things can coexist into the world of the show business, making a unique language of polyhedric expressiveness. She is qualified as multimedia and televisual technician and as technician of production of multimedia contents and communication for web 2.0.She follow a research that aim to integrate theatre and video in a harmony that express itself by means of the union of way of communication and expression. She has collaborated in the past and also currently with professional people from different areas (dance, theatre and cinema) for the realization of projects such as the realization of videoclip and the realization of works to expose in performative and expositive field.