In the years there were numerous exhibitions and performances at national and international level.

China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo: exhibition of three works of the  POLIMATERIA collections: Woodworm ring, White Flight and Easy Shapes necklaces . All  of my works on display were awarded in the competition organized by the organizing body. (Suzhou, China), 2020

Asia Design Pavilion (www.asiadesignmilano.it): exhibition of different works of the Shapes and Polimateria collections (Milan), 2018.

Liconi Arte Gallery: exposure of Shapes and Polimateria collections (Turin), stable collaboration from 2017 to 2019.

Homi Asia Design:exposure of microcollection of necklaces 902 (Rho Fiera), 2017.

Milan Design Week: exposure of microcollection 902 (Milan), 2015.

Macao International Design Show: exposure of microcollection 902 (Macau, China), 2015.