In 2020 some creations of the POLIMATERIA collection: Woodworm ring, White Flight and Easy Shapes necklaces, were awarded at the 9 edition of the CCDE in Suzhou (China).

All the materials used for the Polimateria line have inherent intrinsic value in themselves, which are cleverly combined to create a jewel of unique and original art design.
Within the Polimateria line all the materials used have an intrinsic value in them, which skillfully combined, give life to a jewel of unique and original art design. Among the privileged materials there they are recycled bioplastics, threads of natural fibers, Abruzzo olive wood and aluminum. Creative experiments also include possible others combinations: ceramic, leather, steel, raffia, gold and silver leaf.
Polimateria wants to be a reflection also on ours time, on the need to produce sustainable objects taking into account tradition and innovation.