In 2020 some creations of the POLIMATERIA collection: Woodworm ring, White Flight and Easy Shapes necklaces, were awarded at the 9 edition of the CCDE in Suzhou (China).

POLIMATERIA is a collection that is infinite. This is possible because the collection takes into consideration many materials that have immense creative possibilities. Within the Polimateria line, all the materials used have an intrinsic value which, skilfully combined, give life to a unique and original art design jewel. Among the privileged materials there are recycled bioplastics, natural fiber threads, Abruzzo olive wood and aluminum. The creative experiments also include other possible combinations: ceramic, leather, steel, raffia, gold and silver leaf.
As can be seen, the materials can be precious, precious or even “recovered” materials in the eco-sustainable sense of the term and all have equal dignity in design. From this point of view, the concept of “value” is extended to many materials and consequently to the jewels that arise from this collection.
Polimateria also wants to be a reflection on our times, on the need to produce sustainable objects taking into account tradition and innovation.
Some of the jewels in the collection, which use typical or atypical yarns, are hand-knotted and/or crocheted, typical of the artisan work of the Italian textile tradition. At the same time the use of some materials such as wood recovered from the sea have a poetic and eco-sustainable value: what someone throws away, the creative recovers and transforms it into a unique and original work.