In 2015, the 902 collection, was selected to participate in Milan Design Week and in the Macao International Show in Macao, China.

902, by the Roman numeral CMII containing the initials of the largest “China Made & In Italy”, because it is by the binding of Made in Italy with China can be produced a “new made in Italy”. 902, the brand that has a concept enriched by the meaning of the numbers: 9 is the birth, “birth of a project”, 0 is nothing, “from nothing”, 2 are the opposites, “thanks to the two opposites, East and West” 902—> Birth of a project from nothing thanks to the two opposites, East and West. The excellence of two countries meet thus giving rise to objects, furniture, garments of unique design, for collaboration and quality. A collection born from the collaboration between Danesi Atelier e Jimu Design. Two ancient cultures, two opposite ways of seeing the world, material and immaterial. Not a dumb comparison but an open dialogue, with the desire to know each other better in accordance to diversity, free from all preconceptions. Dialogue; one speaks and the other listens, tries to understand and reworks the message, then replies in order to continue the communication. The difficulty to understand the stylistic choice or the use of a technique of the other emerged, but these doubts became a challenge and a handhold  for a concrete answer that transformed itself into a cultural object, born from the effort of both. “Both of us remained true to herself, to her art and to her way of considering the design object while embracing both cultures, the two personalities and so,  the differences in the same object dialogue and are complement.”